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By C3PO15 AAdmin - Posted Jul 6, 16

Yes, already. As you all have seen, the Staff Team retired on July 4th. This was because communication between Bladen and the Team simply hadn’t been adequate. We are fixing this. In fact, we have fixed it as far as we can. The Admins are all back on board and we sincerely hope the rest of the Staff Team will follow. Bladen and the Admins have spoken and communication will no longer be an issue, we all just needed to give everything a thought. In the end, we’re all part of Fantasia; we’d like it to stay that way.

Now, in order to assure you guys we’re going to make this plan work, we’ll give you some ideas as to what we plan to do. And by plan to do, we mean “will do”.

1) The new Fantasia world will be released within a few weeks. We will have fresh terrain and the economy will be looked at. For one, we plan to use GUI-based shops (server and player-wise), because that will be way easier for you guys. The map of the current Fantasia world will not be available for download, it is simply too big. However, using the World Downloader Plugin, you will be able to get some of your builds!
2) There will be server promotion. We can’t tell you guys exactly how we’ll be doing this at this moment, but you will hear about this shortly. The aim is to once again get 20-30 players online during most times!
3) The Admins will be getting some more responsibilities. Again, no details here, but this basically means any member of the Admin Team can take a short break, just like the other Staff Members are allowed to do.
4) The website will be revamped in several ways. Expect this soon.
5) The Admins will be visible on the website and on tab. This is so you guys can see we’re around.
6) Charon and Enceladus will be shut down. They’re not too popular and we’ve got a better way of dealing with the survival aspect on the Fantasia network. Charon’s map will be available for download. Fans of survival mode will be getting some nice things in the Fantasia world. The peaceful fans won’t be bothered with them, of course!
7) Auryn, Arcadia and the Nether will be refreshed in several ways. More about this soon.
8) Bladen will be posting updates on this page more often, so that all of you are kept up to date. If need be, others amongst us Admins may post additional matters.
9) – 99) There will be plenty of other things we plan to do, but this is what we can tell you for now!

We know it seems a little strange that the Staff Team resigned and now (at least partly) returns, but like we’ve said, we all needed some time to think. See this as a fresh start, one that gave at least the Admin Team the motivation that it definitely needed to regain.

We’d like to ask you to have faith and just a little bit of patience these coming few weeks. You will be updated frequently. As for what you can do if you wish to help, the server does require funds to be kept online and the same goes for our website. Furthermore, this is the ideal time to take the questionnaire (do /qform in-game)! Even the more ‘’radical’’ ideas will be given a more careful look, so this is your chance! Even if you’ve already taken the questionnaire, go ahead and take it again! We’d be very grateful for any financial contributions and any ideas/suggestions you might have.

Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to contact any of us if there’s anything you’d like to ask, say or suggest.

All the best,

Bladen, C3PO15, BraxBludroot, Kurki_FIN, Tiger_09
Your Admin Team

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