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Admin Team Announcements
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Here we are again, ready to launch a new game mode with its own world. Callisto.

This project was started at the same time as we were working on VIP7 so it's been a long time coming. But the main question is 'What is Callisto?'

Callisto is as close to vanilla Minecraft as we're gonna get. No peaceful mode, no flight, no warps, no economy, no residence, no pets, no scavenger, no disguises, no cosmetics,  no magic carpet. You get /home and /tpa and /tpahere. 

Sounds familiar? It might. If you've been a part of Fantasia for a couple years you may recall a world called Charon. Charon was a stripped back version of Fantasia, with minimal commands and only survival mode. Death was part of the world and losing items was all but guaranteed.

So why are we bringing back a hardcore world with a new name, minimal commands and why has it taken months to release?

Well we added one little thing to make things slightly more interesting. Some of you may have heard of it. SlimeFun. If you know what that means then you may be excited. If you havent heard about it, rest assured it isn't as slimy as it sounds.

SlimeFun turns a vanilla server into a modded server using vanilla items and blocks to make complex and amazing machines and items.

The best part? There is only 1 simple new command to learn: /guide. You get a book with all the machines and how to make them and what they can create.

To make this world just that little bit harder, we're starting you off with 5 hearts but you can get up to 20 (2 regular health bars).

Also Mob Grinders are NOT allowed for reasons that will become clear to you when you begin playing Callisto. You may use mob spawners but you may not alter them so killing mobs becomes easier.

Should you feel like the modded thing isn't for you, simply put your SlimeFun guide away and you have a wonderful hardcore survival world with infernal mobs and giants to play with. 

Due to not being able to create residences in Callisto and to limit the amount of griefers, we have limited the world to Visitor and up, this rank requirement is in line with what Charon's rank requirements were. Staff members are still able to rollback your grief (non-SlimeFun items/blocks only), should you encounter issues. However we will NOT be refunding your items/XP should you die accidentally or through PvP in Callisto.

The Admin Team would like to thank the entire Staff Team for testing every item in Callisto's SlimeFun and to the Build Team for making a wonderful spawn. They have made this release possible.

Please enjoy the new world,

The Admin Team

C3PO15, Tiger_09 and paulpls

roccosthom ARCHITECT !!!!

Dear Fantasians,

We haven't added a new VIP rank in years - we felt as if we had released it all. But a few months ago, we started noticing that a really nice amount of cool features was starting to pile up. And since the server can always use money to stay online and improve itself, we finally started playing with the idea for VIP7 for real. Over the last two months, the Admin Team put even more work into Fantasia than normally, with VIP7 having taken focus. There are other things too, though, so please keep reading regardless!

And now we're done with that new rank. It was quite the amount of work, but we enjoyed the process and we dearly hope you guys will enjoy the results! In time for Fantasia's 7th birthday, we are hereby releasing the VIP7 rank! So what have we given the lucky future holders of that rank?

  • The ability to use the amazing /fun command. Get yourself a bat blaster, a Christmas elf, get yourself a chicken parachute or a portal gun! From blizzard blaster to a Christmas tree, the gadgets section of this command has it all (and much more!). And this is just one out of SIX sections. There are also tons of particle pets, particle effects, particle hats, RAINBOW SUITS that switch color and moving emoji heads!
  • On top of the particle hats mentioned above, the /hats command has even more particle hats/effects for you!
  • On top of the moving emoji heads, /heads features OVER 2000 decorative heads!
  • Loving the particles? Create and toggle your own particle CAPES using /cape create and cape toggle!
  • Want to bring even more items with you than before? /chest2! Also try /echest for the exclusive mobile ender chest!
  • Want more inventory organization for easier building? Scroll through your inventory per bar or per slot using /hotbar toggle!
  • Feel like switching servers as quickly and easily as Staff? Have the /server command!
  • And finally, did you love the many features of previous VIP ranks? For this ultimate VIP rank, we have decided to give people 50 warps, 30 300x300 residences at 0.003r a block, 70 /market spaces, a 3.0 multiplier on mobs and THREE Artifex plots.

This ultimate rank will come at the cost of $50. Usually we go for $5 upgrades, but VIP7 is quite the step-up! Most importantly, it will help Fantasia stay online and improve, so we do hope you understand! As always, we will work on adding more features to the VIP ranks in the future. Today is not the end of VIP7 awesomeness. Of course, the choice will always be up to you on whether or not you want to donate for any VIP rank. We greatly reward donations, but we always aim to make this server fun for players of EVERY rank. Therefore, to truly express our gratitude towards everybody for enjoying our wonderful server and community, we want to give the blue ranks some well-deserved love as well!

  • Adventurers now have a light variant of rainbow armor! Use /rainbow!
  • Explorers now have the ability to simply hold a torch to illuminate a cave! Just one torch will suffice all your light-related mining needs!
  • Pioneers now have the ability to sort their chests and inventories using the sorter feature! Do /sort to sort your inventory or do it while looking at a chest to organize said chest!

That concludes the major rank updates for today. We hope you will enjoy all these new features and we continue to thank you for your support - whether through your presence, your ideas, your donation(s), your staff-being or otherwise!

As we are doing better and better in terms of players, we can say we'll be here for a lot longer to come! Thus, new projects are underway. Think about new worlds, new plugins and new features. Next, we'll be looking into Auryn, your many recent suggestions and a brand-new world - more about this later. All while making sure the current server stays up to our high standards; staff-, plugin- and player-wise (thankfully you guys make this last part amazingly easy). 

All the best from your favorite red guys,

Bladen, Tiger_09 and C3PO15
Your Fantasia Admin Team

jwgrenko RETIRED holy cow, has it really been 7 years?
AstroFox_ VIP4 awesome guys :)
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