Greetings, Fantasians!

paulpls AAdmin posted Oct 24, 17  -  7YO

On behalf of the Admin team, I hope you are all are doing well, and I'd like to say thank you, for continuing to make the community we have so amazing. Believe it or not, pretty soon our server will be SEVEN years old! It's hard to believe we'd be here today without the bonds we've made together throughout the years.

For many of us, the people we've met here in Fantasia have helped us through our troubles when we've needed help. For more still, those we've met have become friends for life, family even. Above all else, this is what makes Fantasia so special, and it drives us to keep going forward.

Things have been a bit quieter since school has come back in session. Even still, we're keeping ourselves busy here behind the scenes! Recently, we finished building the beautiful Artifex spawn, dedicated to BraxBludroot, former Admin and Head Architect. We're debugging broken minigames, and we've got some exciting, new ones in store. We're also proud of the success of Callisto, our most recently introduced world! As we go through these changes, and new things are introduced, we're most happy to see that our main goal is met: You all love being here!

You can expect to see some changes coming later as we try some new ideas, all to make your Fantasia experience even better! You can take advantage of our Discord channels for reporting isssues, suggestions, or just to say hi every now and then. What has truly kept us alive, all this time, is the dedication and love we see from our players and staff. Because of you, the spirit of Fantasia that has helped so many of us cannot ever be extinguished.

- Thank you
Your Admin Team
Bladen, C3PO15, Tiger_09 & paulpls