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Server Rules
1. Absolutely NO Griefing*! Griefing will NOT be tolerated and you will be instantly and permanently banned.
       • *Griefing is the act of defacing something that has been built by another player through the addition or removal of blocks, signs or entities.
       • Areas within 15 blocks of another person’s build are considered part of that build. If you want to make that distance smaller, ask your future neighbors for permission.
       • It is considered griefing to build above or below someone else’s build.
       • It is considered griefing to abuse water or lava (which are available for Guests and up).

2. Be respectful to all players and Staff members.
       • No racism, sexism, or bashing a player based on religion, gender, sexual orientation, wealth status, intelligence, age, health, education level, etc.
       • No exchanging (highly) personal information on the server!

3. Do NOT pester or harass the Staff.
       • Do not summon or demand the Staff do things for you. Ask respectfully and be patient. Staff are here to help, they are not your servants.
       • Do not abuse the grief rollback system! Protect your areas with Residence. If you do not show an effort to protect your stuff, Staff may stop rolling back your damaged stuff after a while!
       • Do not beg for ranks!

4. Behave in chat! Only speak English, no excessive capitalization, no cursing, no spamming and NO ADVERTISING OTHER SERVERS. Please do not advertise us on other servers either!
       • You may speak other languages in PM (provided people understand you).

5. Do not use client mods that give unfair advantages over other players, such as hack/cheat mods. We can and will find out and it will result in a permanent ban. X-Ray is an example of a banned mod.

6. Do not abuse teleportation! No /tpa or warp killing, no tpa-ing your friends to you to gang up on other players. Also, do not use /sethome in other builds than the ones you’ve got the owner’s permission for (such as your own).

7. Do not give out/sell/trade spawned items (/kit, for example)! They are for your use only.

8. Do not:
       • Construct Zombie Pigman/Iron Golem/Guardian/Witch farms.
       • Breed villagers (curing Zombie Villagers is fine).
       • Spawn too many entities in a small area, this may cause others lag. Ask Staff if in doubt.

== Staff interpretations of the rules are the only concrete deciding factor in punishment. Staff were chosen for their ability to keep control, therefore all disobedience in the eyes of the Staff will result in punishment. If you find yourself banned and would like to contest the charge(s), you may apply for an unban on this website. ==
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