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Skills Guide
Welcome to Fantasia's skill guide! I know some of you might already be familiar with this sort of skill system from other servers but I suggest looking through this guide to learn about any changes. Below you will find links to everything you will need to know about each of the skills available. Any Fantasia related changes will be noted next to the specific skill. Exploiting any of these skills in any way will result in either a skill reset or getting banned, so play fair and have fun!

Gathering Skills:

Combat Skills:

Miscellaneous Skills:

Combo Skills:

Party System:
The party system is like a mini faction. You can choose to share earned XP/Items with nearby party members. There is even a private party chat! To learn more about all the important details about this system click here.

  • /mcstats - Displays a scoreboard view of all your skills and their levels.
  • /mctop [skill] -  Displays the top 10 players in that skill.
  • /mcrank - Displays your rank on the leaderboard.
  • /mcability - Toggles the use of abilities.
  • /mccooldowns - Displays ability cooldown status.
  • /inspect [player] - Displays the players skill stats in a scoreboard view.
  • /[arcrobatics, archery, axes, excavation, fishing, herbalism, mining, repair, swords, taming, unarmed, woodcutting] - Displays detailed information for the skill such as your current level/xp status, effects, and skill bonuses.
  • /party - View informantion on your current party.
  • /party join [player] [password] - Joins the party of that player, password if specified.
  • /party quit - Leaves the current party.
  • /party invite [player] - Invites the player to the current party.
  • /party [lock|unlock] - Locks or unlocks the party you are in.
  • /party password [password] - Sets a password to your party (only works if the party is locked).
  • /party create [party name] [password] - Creates a party with a name, password is optional.
  • /party kick [player] - Kicks the player from the party.
  • /party leader|owner [player] - Transfers ownership of the party.
  • /party disband - Disbands the party.
  • /party xpshare equal - Enables equal XP sharing.
  • /party xpshare none - Disables XP sharing.
  • /party itemshare random - Random item share mode, all nearby party members will have the same random chance of receiving the item, regardless of the value of the item.
  • /party itemshare equal - Equal item share mode, the chance of receiving an item is determined by it's value and how many valuable items a player has received already.
  • /party itemshare none - Disables item sharing.
  • /pc - Toggles party chat.
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