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Fantasia - An Update Story

Tiger_09 AAdmin posted May 9, 18

Hi all Fantasians,

It’s been quite a while since we did an update post. So this one is full of updates and upcoming plans.

Before we get into what’s coming up next for Fantasia, we’d like to thank every one of our players for helping Fantasia get to where it is today. Without you guys we wouldn’t have made it past the first couple years, and in just over 6 months we’ll be celebrating our 8th birthday! Simply amazing stuff from everyone here! And don’t think we’re going to stop at 8 years old. No no, good people. We are going to be around for years to come. Yes, years, not months. And that is a promise. 

Now, on to the news.

With Minecraft 1.13’s expected release in the next 1 to 2 months, we are busy preparing for the update. We all need to ask for patience when 1.13 does drop, as Mojang's people have made some critical changes to the backend code. As such, we will be doing a lot of waiting for plugins to update before we can update and then a lot of testing and fixing broken aspects of the game. So please be understanding when things break and let staff know if you come across a bug or a broken command. Alternatively, you can let us know via Discord's #issues_report channel.

We are sure a few of you guys have noticed, that in Fantasia we do not have Minecraft’s 1.9 Igloos, 1.10’s Fossils and 1.11’s Woodland Mansions. We’re also aware 1.12 adds a LOT of new items and structures. And for this reason and more, when we update Fantasia to 1.13, we will also be releasing a new map for Fantasia, canonically called New Fantasia. Before everyone gets nervous and cries, the current Fantasia will be kept around with no expiry date set. The name will of course, change to Old Fantasia. We sincerely hope everyone is excited for a new map and new terrain to explore. And yes, parrots will be in great supply.

A quick update on Callisto. Now while we don’t believe a new map is warranted in this case, as Callisto's map was generated with 1.12 terrain, we will be expanding the borders of the current world to include 1.13 terrain changes so everyone can enjoy the new toys. Additionally, it'll give you guys some more space.

Moving to our wonderful Discord server. We have launched the C3PO15-titled ‘Operation Community Reforums’. Essentially we want to revive the forums through Discord. We have added quite a few new channels with a few more to come in the near future. We’ve also renamed a few channels for a cleaner look. Should you guys come up with an idea for a channel, please let us know in #requests. We are always interested in new ideas.

That just about covers the plans for the future of Fantasia. We hope to see you in-game soon.

Your Admin Team,

Bladen, C3PO15, Tiger_09 & paulpls

Dear Fantasians,

It’s that time of year again; we all feel the need to start our announcements or emails with poetic descriptions of how it’s slowly getting colder and darker outside. With how “it’s that time of year again.” Of course, we definitely have something to celebrate. Planet Earth successfully got through 2017 and happy times are approaching: Santa Claus is coming to visit and he certainly won’t be skipping Fantasia.

For the occasion, our Build Team has gone to festively extreme lengths to transform the server’s two main spawns – Fantasia and Hub – into true winter wonderlands. Fantastic work!

A Christmassy transformation of spawn(s) isn’t all that’s returning from previous years. SoccerLogann, took the initiative to organize the Christmas tree event this year. Basically, you can put a chest under the huge Christmas tree with a sign of your receiver. Naturally, you are more than welcome to place 10 chests to gift 10 people. Or many more, it’s up to you. Several Staff Members helped set this up, so a shout-out to the Staff Team for this happening. /w Christmas gets you to the right place!

While we’re on the topic of thanking Staff: us Staff Members are organizing the 12 Days event our old player Kelly did last year. From December 13th to December 24th, we invite you to participate in this Fantasian giveaway! What can you win? Rupees, VIP, in-game items, in-game builds, games: you name it! All you have to do is be online from the 13th to the 24th and you’ll automatically be entered into the raffle of the day you got online. Feel free to get online every day (the more players, the merrier the Christmas), though no two gifts out of the 12 will go to the same person, to keep it nice ‘n community-spirited.

Community-spirited, you say? What better way to interact with your fellow Fantasians than tournaments! After gifts and giveaways, that is. Micevapox and SoccerLogann are organizing a Christmas-themed building competition! Simply do /w Xmas to get there and enter to win VIP2, VIP3 or even VIP5! Of course, you can share your prize if you don’t need any more VIP upgrades! Finish your builds by December 20th at the latest and have fun!
And last but not least, the Admin Team is organizing a Christmas tournament! From Christmas Spleef to Snowball Bowling to Ice Skating Parkour, you’ve got a chance to win some more good prizes. More about this later, but this would be on December 23rd.

Hey, while you’re on this website, check out our forums to learn some turkey-level juicy stuff about your fellow Fantasians! To start off, feel free to tell us how YOU celebrate Christmas. With friends? With family? By yourself (in which case, come play with us!)? Do you go for a juicy steak, some Christmas turkey or do you keep it to chocolate? What habits do you and your closest ones have? Let’s share our Christmas experiences, traditions and ideas over here:

We wish you all a fantastic, Fantasian, merry Christmas.

On behalf of the Staff Team,

Bladen, C3PO15, Tiger_09 and paulpls
Your favorite red and green Admin Team

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