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Fantasia News

Dear Fantasians

Bladen Owner posted Jul 16, 16

As most of you will know, we are currently extremely busy refreshing your Fantasia Universe experience. The biggest thing at this moment will be the release of a brand-new Fantasia world! Now, before we start with all the new things you can expect: the old Fantasia world will stay online for 6 months after the new Fantasia is released. This gives you guys the chance to move over your stuff. You can even ask Staff to help you move over your house, though Staff decides on what gets moved over and what doesn’t.

Okay, as for the new features, there are quite a lot of things in store for you. First of all, this is a fresh world, with a fresh Nether, even! We want everything to be fresh so we have decided to reset some stuff. Apart from the fresh world, the economy is to be reset and so is McMMO. Let’s be clear here, Fantasia barely ever does resets. We haven’t done economy resets in years and McMMO has never been reset before. Besides, you always get the chance to move over your stuff to a new world, so no issues there either. However, we do want to see you guys actually play the game. Currently it’s a little easy to just do close to nothing and be rich. However, and this needs to be stressed: we will NOT do resets frequently. Please do feel encouraged to build everything up, because we don’t expect resets for a long, long time. That’s not what Fantasia is about. And if you’ve ever bought a rupee package in the Donation Shop, don’t worry, we’ll give you your rupees after the reset. Just contact an Admin to get that done.

There is some more economy news, by the way. We have decided to remove the bank. Please collect your XP if you wish to keep that, because the plugin will be disabled soon. We might look for a replacement, but for now, the bank’s done. Now for some news that excites us most of all: the shop system will be changed immensely. To make it easier for you guys, NPC shops will be replaced with GUI-based shops! The same will happen with VIP shops! On top of that, Visitor and up will also be getting a varying number of spots on the player shop menu. There will even be some sort of auction-based way of selling things, which has been requested for a long time. However, we’ve made sure there won’t be chat spam by the plugin!

Okay, that’s enough in terms of economy. We’ve got more exciting features on the way. For some small ones, weather has been re-added to the server for one. If you guys don’t like it, we can remove it, otherwise it’ll be kept. Another one is the fact that the horse stables plugin is operational once again, visit http://goo.gl/Wj6lcq for more information. The last small one is about viewing distance. The server’s viewing distance is now 32 chunks. You can set your personal viewing distance to less than that in your video settings. Please do this if the 32 chunks setting makes you lag!

The big ones? Alright then. We’ve got a lot of exciting new mobs ready to challenge you in the new Fantasia world. There will be all kinds of strange (and familiar) mobs waiting for you, some might even be pretty, pretty strong… Especially nighttime will be much more dangerous. Of course, you can always play in peaceful mode and the mobs won’t bother you for one second. Hopefully you’ll enjoy this challenging aspect. And if there’s a really difficult one, gather some friends and defeat that mob together. You might even get some special loot!

Now, we have also got some VIP updates. First of all, the new Fantasia world will allow people with the VIP6 rank to finally use TNT. Now, there will be some rules to this, but it should be great fun! They now also have the ability to save XP using Scavenger, as this has been long-requested! We decided to give /hats to VIP3 and up, by the way. On top of this, we gave VIP3 and up Magic Carpet! Commands for both of these features can be found on the Commands list.

Another thing we’re very excited about is the implementation of achievements. Do you ever feel like you want another thing to work on? A challenge or two? Here’s the solution! With wacky names and cool requirements (And perhaps some rewards? Who knows? Well, we do, of course), this should be a lot of fun!

Apart from everything mentioned before, the Build Staff has been working really hard to provide you with the most amazing structures. The new Fantasia spawn will have interior and the remainder of Hub (no, this isn’t all) is very close to completion.

One final change has to do with ranks. The times to achieve all playtime-based ranks have been shortened by quite a lot. We hope players will feel more stimulated to achieve the next rank! Especially players with the pink ranks will need help of you guys, the more experienced players. We have an amazing team of Mods and SubMods, but players can always use your assistance.

Now, we are working on getting as many players as possible to make Fantasia’s community grow again, this post being proof. We will need your help, though! Please considering donating so we can improve Fantasia and please try to get your friends to join our humble community!

Next, we will be working on other worlds/projects! Be sure to check back occasionally so you don’t miss anything! Hopefully you guys will enjoy all these exciting changes and brand-new features.

All the best and to many more years of Fantasia,
On behalf of the Admin Team,

sir_bush VIP6 Thanks for all the hard work! Can't wait to see where this goes.

Fantasia Returns

C3PO15 Admin posted Jul 6, 16

Yes, already. As you all have seen, the Staff Team retired on July 4th. This was because communication between Bladen and the Team simply hadn’t been adequate. We are fixing this. In fact, we have fixed it as far as we can. The Admins are all back on board and we sincerely hope the rest of the Staff Team will follow. Bladen and the Admins have spoken and communication will no longer be an issue, we all just needed to give everything a thought. In the end, we’re all part of Fantasia; we’d like it to stay that way.

Now, in order to assure you guys we’re going to make this plan work, we’ll give you some ideas as to what we plan to do. And by plan to do, we mean “will do”.

1) The new Fantasia world will be released within a few weeks. We will have fresh terrain and the economy will be looked at. For one, we plan to use GUI-based shops (server and player-wise), because that will be way easier for you guys. The map of the current Fantasia world will not be available for download, it is simply too big. However, using the World Downloader Plugin, you will be able to get some of your builds!
2) There will be server promotion. We can’t tell you guys exactly how we’ll be doing this at this moment, but you will hear about this shortly. The aim is to once again get 20-30 players online during most times!
3) The Admins will be getting some more responsibilities. Again, no details here, but this basically means any member of the Admin Team can take a short break, just like the other Staff Members are allowed to do.
4) The website will be revamped in several ways. Expect this soon.
5) The Admins will be visible on the website and on tab. This is so you guys can see we’re around.
6) Charon and Enceladus will be shut down. They’re not too popular and we’ve got a better way of dealing with the survival aspect on the Fantasia network. Charon’s map will be available for download. Fans of survival mode will be getting some nice things in the Fantasia world. The peaceful fans won’t be bothered with them, of course!
7) Auryn, Arcadia and the Nether will be refreshed in several ways. More about this soon.
8) Bladen will be posting updates on this page more often, so that all of you are kept up to date. If need be, others amongst us Admins may post additional matters.
9) – 99) There will be plenty of other things we plan to do, but this is what we can tell you for now!

We know it seems a little strange that the Staff Team resigned and now (at least partly) returns, but like we’ve said, we all needed some time to think. See this as a fresh start, one that gave at least the Admin Team the motivation that it definitely needed to regain.

We’d like to ask you to have faith and just a little bit of patience these coming few weeks. You will be updated frequently. As for what you can do if you wish to help, the server does require funds to be kept online and the same goes for our website. Furthermore, this is the ideal time to take the questionnaire (do /qform in-game)! Even the more ‘’radical’’ ideas will be given a more careful look, so this is your chance! Even if you’ve already taken the questionnaire, go ahead and take it again! We’d be very grateful for any financial contributions and any ideas/suggestions you might have.

Thanks for reading, don’t hesitate to contact any of us if there’s anything you’d like to ask, say or suggest.

All the best,

Bladen, C3PO15, BraxBludroot, Kurki_FIN, Tiger_09
Your Admin Team

Tiger_09 Admin Agon, we never lost it. You need to have faith.
Agon337 VIP6 I'm very happy to see this moment! I'm glad you've all rediscovered your inspiration!
SoccerLogann Modo Let's get pumped!!
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